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This site was developed for personal needs but with time has grown in quality and size to where it seems appropriate to make it publicly accessible. It is dedicated to all web developers and programmers who are in need of high quality software tools without the clutter of advertising or intrusion from commercial agendas. Please enjoy and share your comments, improvements or problems with the use of these utilities.

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Online Tools

Edit Tools
 CkEditor WYSIWYG html editor
 SmallSeoTools.com SEO article rewriter
 Smiley Maker Design your own smiley face
 Text Maker Design colorfull crazy titles and banners
 Word to HTML Converts word documents to clean html
Web Page Tools
 Domain Name Hint Shows prefix/postfix and checks availability
 404 Link Checker Reports broken links in a url
 Site Screenshots Archived screenshots of any site on the internet
 Zen Link Checker Reports broken links in a url
Office Tools
 Flat Calendar View calendar and check dates
 Synonym finder Shows synonyms for a user provided word
Developer Tools
 Geshi Code High Liter Code listing high liter
 Encryption Generator Create MD5, SHA-1, DES, Base64
Sytem Tools
 Ping Analyzer Check network communication and time delay
 Trace Route Analyzer Reports the route that packet information takes
 File Permission Interactive form shows unix permissions
 Science Calc 01  Scientific calculator
 Science Calc 02  Scientific calculator
 Science Calc 03  Scientific calculator
 Science Calc 04  Scientific calculator
 Science Calc 05  Scientific calculator
 Science Calc 06  Scientific calculator
 Science Calc 07  Scientific calculator
 Science Calc 08  Scientific calculator
Online Tools Long Description
image CkEditor html editor
CKEditor (formerly FCKeditor released in 2003) is an open source WYSIWYG text editor that can be used in web pages. It requires minimal server installation and no client-side installation. Supports all simple and most advanced html tag attributes like bold, italics, tables, color, justification, lists, form tools, embedded media, and easy editing cut, paste, and search. MS Word is easy to convert by simpley pasteing.

It written in JavaScript, having server side interfaces with Active-FoxPro, ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Java, JavaScript, Lasso, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails.

image Domain Name Hints
Written by Jan Zumwalt, this interactive programs allows the user to a proposed domain name and will automatical add popular prefixes and suffixs. It allows the user to press a button and check whether that name has been registed or not.

Uses about 100ea prefixes and suffixs, new ones are regularly added.

image Encryption Generator
MD5, SHA-1, DES, Base64 encryption generator are all encryption methods supported by php natively. Interactive forms all ows user name and password to be inputed and results for the four most popular encryption methods is shown. The input form also gives a quick explanantion of the history and used of each method.

image Flat Calendar
This a great calendar for date lookups and can be used to leave notes and messages too. If desired visitors can see what you have planned by date for the entire month, months, or year. If you enjoy seeing something intuitive on your website like an attractive calendar, then this is the tool for you.

image Geshi Code Highliter
GeSHi aims to be a simple but powerful highlighting class, with the following goals:
 Support for a wide range of popular languages
 Easy to add a new language for highlighting
 Highly customisable output formats
GeSHi does this quickly and has many customisable features. GeSHi supports PHP5 and Windows, and can be adapted to highlight code on ASP pages. Numerous blogs, wikis and forums use GeSHi, including Dokuwiki, Mambo, phpBB and WikkaWiki.

image Zen Link Checker
The purpose of this link checker is to provide a report of correct and incorrect links on your web site. This link checker may take several minutes to run but the wait is worth it. You are provides a customized listing of link status. It creates a custom html page that has the page links for quick review.

image 404 Link Checker
This link checker works quicker than the Zen link checker but does not provide as customized report. It gives a long tabulation of the status of each link, whether it be correct or incorrect. This link checker usually finishes in under a minute. It is quick and functional

image Ping Analizyer
A ping test determines whether your computer can communicate with another computer over the network. Then, if network communication is established, ping tests also determine the time (delay) it takes for the communication between the two computers. To execute a ping test, you simply identify the Web site or other remote server / computer by its name or IP address. The result of a ping test includes confirmation that connection was successful, along with a series of numbers that represent the communication delay in milliseconds (ms). The results of a ping test vary depending on the quality of the Internet / network connection.

image Smiley Maker
This is one of my newer programs that is still under development. It currently has a limited number of options and images. There are currently 5-10 images for the body, eyes, and mouth. It is meant as a proof of concept for a much more elaborate version. Soon the capability to position objects and accessories will be added. I will also be changing the output to show an enlarged working area and alternate finished images sizes.
image Site Screenshots
This program takes the user provided site and supplies it to http://www.screenshots.com which shows copies of screenshots taken of that site. Screenshots.com is an organization dedicated to periodically archiving screenshots of all websites on the internet.";
image Synonym Finder
A synonym is a word or expression that has the same or almost the same meaning as another word or expression. In English, a language known for its enormous vocabulary, most words have synonyms. All words are converted to lowercase to enable proper searchs.
image Trace Route
The traceroute command shows the path a packet of information takes from your computer to the server you specify. It will list all the routers it passes through until it reaches its destination, or fails to and is discarded.
image Text Title Maker
This tool was adapted from code I got several years ago. I am slowly upgrading the functianality of it. It is really nice for banners or titles. It provides adequate functinality but improved shading and alternate special effects will be added at a future time. It comes with a complete set of fonts but new ones are also frequently added.

image Unix File Permission
Need a quick referance for unix/linux octal file permissions? Then this will always be easily accessable. This is a small but important tool to have when a non-standard permission is needed.

image Word to HTML
Word to clean HTML is a free converter tool for documents produced by Microsoft Word and similar office software. Word to clean HTML strips out invalid or proprietry tags, leaving clean HTML behind for use in web pages and ebooks.
Provides these options...
 Remove empty paragraphs
 Convert <b> to <strong>, <i> to <em>
 Replace non-ascii with HTML entities
 Replace smart quotes with ascii equivalents
 Indent with tabs, not spaces
 Replace non-breaking spaces with ordinary spaces

image Science Calculator 01
This calculator is the simplest to use and see the results. It provides four function simplicity with standard memory storage and recall.

Do you need a quick basic scientific calculator? Maybe you need a really sophisticated one too? I have simple to advanced ones to choose from. Pick the one that is easy to enter but has the features you need.

image Science Calculator 02
This calculator is very simple to use and see the results. It provides four function simplicity with standard trig and log functions.

image Science Calculator 03
This is a very simple calculator with easy input and display. It provides four function simplicity with advanced trigonometry and log functions.

image Science Calculator 04
This is a very simple calculator with an attractive input and display skin. It provides four function simplicity with standrad trigonometry and log functions. But, also includes memory storage and recall with random number genrator and rounding keys.

image Science Calculator 05
This is the first of our full featured scientific calculators. User interface is plain but includes visual memory storage, number base and angle modes. Also supports hexidecmal key entry. Quick advanced trig function cross referance can be toggled.

image Science Calculator 06
A full featured scientific calculator with pleasing skin. Includes memory storage and recall, number base, angle modes, fixed or floating point. Also supports hexidecmal and advanced constants keys. Also has quick conversion keys for most metric amd US length, volume, and temperature units of measuere.

Note: The calculator first displays as a miniture screen object. Hold down ctrl key, then scroll middle mouse button to enlarge size.

image Science Calculator 07
A full featured scientific calculator with simple display screen. Includes memory storage and recall with standrad triginometry. Supports functions and percentages.

image Science Calculator 08
A full featured scientific calculator with plain display. Includes memory storage and recall, number base, angle modes, selectable decimal, fixed or floating point. Advanced formula fetaures, constants reference and keys.

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